Sandra Thompson

To Order Close-Ups


"A deft and vivid account of the emotional stages in a woman’s life…Sandra Thompson – with her O’Connor-like subtlety and eye for the grotesque – writes deceptively quiet pieces that periodically kick out with deadly accuracy."
The Nation

Wild Bananas
"Smart and pretty 22-year-old Sally Adams has just graduated from college, summered in Greenwich Village, and gotten married. But something is wrong, and she doesn’t know what. Sandra Thompson’s sharp, funny first novel is about Sally: a girl who’s never made a real decision in her life."
–the Voice

In this Muslim wedding the bride is Jewish.

Selected Works

"Stunning wit and sparkle"
Washington Book Review
"A sad/funny first novel of real pathos and skill." -- Kirkus Reviews
Column, St. Petersburg Times, July 30, 2005